About us


Greater St. Mary has been and continues to be a very loving and caring church.  The Lord Jesus has so Blessed the fellowship that has continued as an outstanding trademark down through the years,  We have enjoyed an enduring sense of love and care for the membership of this church.  Our fellowship with one another has been greatly blessed and special because of His fellowship with us!  Just as the Apostle John stated in 1 John 1:3, "truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ."   


Every church has its own unique personality and its own set of unique challenges.   Yet all those who have come and gone have testified to the love and the impact that the fellowship of GSM has had upon their hearts and lives.  We know that the Lord has created and maintained something remarkable and special in the life of GSM.


Another special characteristic about our church is that we have a great love for the sound teaching and preaching of God's Holy Word.  Love for the word of truth has superseded church traditions, religious gimmicks, false and watered-down teaching that has plagued and side-tracked many modern churches.  We certainly give God all the Glory for the great things that He has done for this "little church that sits on the corner."

We also look forward with eager anticipation the sudden coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We pray that He will empower us and use us to reach souls with the power of the Gospel of Christ while we watch and wait for His arrival.  We also hope that you will see and experience our love for one another and for Jesus Christ.  We hope that  you too will join your hearts together with us as we Worship and Serve the true and living God.